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          Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

          Check back here for updates on COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment

          Fall 2020 is seeing continued global spread of COVID-19 with uncertainties about the effects of school reopenings on transmission and the prospects for dual COVID-19 and influenza outbreaks heading into colder months. Vaccine trials are heading into phases 2 and 3, and the FDA’s earlier-year reliance on emergency use authorizations (EUAs) under perceived political pressures to deliver pandemic solutions is raising concerns about the integrity of approval processes for vaccines potentially offered to millions of otherwise healthy people.

          Browse the JAMA Network COVID-19 collection below, including Q&A's with NIAID's Anthony Fauci, an interactive map of the outbreak courtesy of The Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering, and past publications on vaccine development, infection control, and public health preparedness.

          Coronavirus (COVID-19) Q&A

          Conversations with Frontline Clinicians and Experts about the COVID-19 pandemic.

          • CME
            Coronavirus Video Q&A JAMA Editor Howard Bauchner interviews guests about the latest developments in the global coronavirus outbreak. Watch for updates on COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment.
          • CME
            Coronavirus Audio Q&A What your doctors are listening to: conversations with frontline clinicians and experts on the frontiers of the global COVID-19 pandemic, hosted by JAMA Network Editor in Chief Howard Bauchner, MD and specialist editors.
          • Outbreak Map
          • Map of the Coronavirus Outbreak

            The Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering has developed an online dashboard to visualize and track reported COVID-19 cases on a daily timescale; the complete set of data is downloadable as a google sheet.

            2019-nCoV US Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE
          • Outbreak Growth
          • John Burn-Murdoch of the Financial Times uses Johns Hopkins' data to chart the growth of spread by country daily.

            Outbreak Growth map

          CDC Guidance

          The CDC website is updated regularly to reflect the latest U.S. coronavirus statistics and recommendations for managing the pandemic.

          WHO Guidance

          The WHO website is updated regularly to reflect the latest news, global statistics, and technical guidance for managing the pandemic.

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